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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gerard Nijenbrinks, currently 56 years of age and a long time watch addict. Over 2,5 decades ago I made a professional shift form the oil & gas industry into the watch industry. From wholesaler, to internet and brick & mortar reseller, to internet based watch photographer and journalist. Always as a true aficionado.

My interest in King Seiko watches grew when I learned about them from my watch maker and friend, Paul. Besides mechanical Swiss watches, I was always interested in Seiko as well, however never saw them as high-end products. And as we know, most Seiko products are awesome, however can’t be specifically considered as high-end watchmaking. Paul explained to me why this was different with the King Seiko’s from the sixties and seventies of the last century.


Of course Seiko already learned us that in the past there were Grand Seiko’s which were models to be considered high-end. And so in 1998 Seiko revived the Grand Seiko line to enter that part of the business again, and they’re still here. However at the origin when there were Grand Seiko’s, there were those other grand Seiko’s as well, the King Seiko’s.

It would have been of no use to introduce two high-end lines again however, it would have just confused consumers I guess. And thus the King Seiko line remained quite unknown and beautifully under the radar. However the original and now vintage King Seiko watches can still be found of course. Thanks to for instance auction websites, watch portals and the like, we’re still able to find, admire and buy them.

6 Months warranty

And of course they can be found here, at my www.kingseiko.com website! I’m happy to present and offer to you the finest King Seiko models. All are fully serviced. All are un- or hardly polished, so that the sharp edges and beautifully form of the casing are still present. All are fitted with a new glass. And all are granted a 6 months warranty on their mechanical functioning. Enjoy!

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