King Seiko Reissue, SCVN001

We all know that Seiko revived the Grand Seiko series as top of the line models since 1998. However what is little known, is that in the year 2000 Seiko made a reissue of the King Seiko as well. This King Seiko reissue SCVN001 was included in a commemorative ‘Historical Collection’ series which contained 10 different watches.


So in this reissues series of Seiko’s ‘significant watches in their watch making history’, they didn’t include a Grand Seiko. Only a King Seiko, which got the reference SCVN001 and was produced only in 2.000 pieces, aimed at the domestic market in Japan.

There’s a wonderful article on Musings of a Watch Addict‘s blog which you really should visit and read; here’s the link: King Seiko Reissue

At the moment these re-edition King Seiko’s are very hard to find and regularly fetch over $ 2,000.- at various auctions. So what do you think, would you rather pay this amount for a reissue (with a slightly less high-end caliber) or much less for the real deal? -> King Seiko 5625-7000

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