Seiko’s Taro Tanaka ‘Grammar of Design’

As you probably know, the King Seiko models from the late sixties into the first half of the seventies (where this website is mainly dedicated to) were among the first models to be designed according to Taro Tanaka’s ‘Grammar of Design‘.

Taro Tanaka

It’s said that Taro Tanaka was Seiko’s first hired graduate of a College Design Program. You’ll find the ins and outs of how he established Seiko’s ‘Grammar of Design’ from page 73 onward in Seiko’s lively document ‘A Journey in Time’ (link). However the well known international blog ‘Worn & Wound‘ did a more accessible article on this subject in May 2016 too.

To understand why the these King and Grand Seiko models are so appealing, you don’t want to miss that article. So here’s the link to bring you there; learn and enjoy! W&W: Taro Tanaka and Seiko’s “Grammar of Design

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