Daini and Suwa Seikosha

As you might have noticed, there are two different logo’s used in the dial and on the case back of King Seiko and Grand Seiko watches. These logo’s refer to the factory where a watch was produced. One is the logo of the Daini Seikosha factory, the other of the Suwa Seikosha factory; the image here below gives a quick reference to which.


How and what about these two factories is nicely explained in an article on Worn & Wound, you’ll find that article here: Daini Seikosha, the Other Seiko Factory

Fratello Watches, always a good source for Seiko information

As well as the Seiko and Citizen Watch Forum, Worn & Wound and Musings of a Watch Addict, Fratello Watches is always a very good and reliable source for Seiko information.

fratello watches

Specially Robert-Jan Broer and Michael Stockton are specialists in older Seikos, and you should make sure not to miss their articles. Thanks to Michael and Fratello Watches for the picture.

To get you on track I’ll include a link here to one of Michael’s articles on King Seiko: King Seiko 45-7001


King Seiko Reissue, SCVN001

We all know that Seiko revived the Grand Seiko series as top of the line models since 1998. However what is little known, is that in the year 2000 Seiko made a reissue of the King Seiko as well. This King Seiko reissue SCVN001 was included in a commemorative ‘Historical Collection’ series which contained 10 different watches.


So in this reissues series of Seiko’s ‘significant watches in their watch making history’, they didn’t include a Grand Seiko. Only a King Seiko, which got the reference SCVN001 and was produced only in 2.000 pieces, aimed at the domestic market in Japan.

There’s a wonderful article on Musings of a Watch Addict‘s blog which you really should visit and read; here’s the link: King Seiko Reissue

At the moment these re-edition King Seiko’s are very hard to find and regularly fetch over $ 2,000.- at various auctions. So what do you think, would you rather pay this amount for a reissue (with a slightly less high-end caliber) or much less for the real deal? -> King Seiko 5625-7000

Seiko’s Taro Tanaka ‘Grammar of Design’

As you probably know, the King Seiko models from the late sixties into the first half of the seventies (where this website is mainly dedicated to) were among the first models to be designed according to Taro Tanaka’s ‘Grammar of Design‘.

Taro Tanaka

It’s said that Taro Tanaka was Seiko’s first hired graduate of a College Design Program. You’ll find the ins and outs of how he established Seiko’s ‘Grammar of Design’ from page 73 onward in Seiko’s lively document ‘A Journey in Time’ (link). However the well known international blog ‘Worn & Wound‘ did a more accessible article on this subject in May 2016 too.

To understand why the these King and Grand Seiko models are so appealing, you don’t want to miss that article. So here’s the link to bring you there; learn and enjoy! W&W: Taro Tanaka and Seiko’s “Grammar of Design

Seiko & Grand Seiko Watch Fans on Facebook

Further to the interesting Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum (SCWF) mentioned below, there’s a very active group of Seiko watch fans on Facebook.


It’s the Seiko & Grand Seiko Watch Fans group, and you’ll find them here: Seiko & Grand Seiko Watch Fans

Please note. It’s a public group so you don’t have have to apply for membership first before being able to see the content. As well, anybody can see what you might post in the group..

The Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum SCWF

If you ended up here at my quite specific King Seiko website, you’ve probably found your way to The Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum, or short SCWF, as well.


However just in case you didn’t, I’ll link it here for you. It’s a great source of inspiration and an enormous source of information as well. Here you’ll find the main page: The Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum

To get you going, without directly getting lost in all the valuable information, here’s a posting which you want to read first: A history of the classic automatic King Seiko, with a comparison of the 5626-7113 and the 5256-8010